Social Media is the Death of Local Marketing – Or Is It?

Social Media is the Death of Local Marketing – Or Is It?

Social media is going to be the death of local marketing. So says a lot of my marketing colleagues. With the rise of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn some believe that the value of local marketing isn’t on par with social media. To an extent, there is some truth with the online environment providing a global audience; however, using local personal connections to grow business is just as important, if not more so than relying on social media.

Many companies are turning to social media as a relatively inexpensive means of reaching and interacting with current and potential customers. With General Motors pulling its advertising from Facebook, claiming that it has been ineffective at driving sales, it illustrates the continued importance of using local and traditional marketing channels.

Could you imagine attending a local chamber of commerce mixer or event and interacting with businesses that could potentially use your products and/or services? While social media provides a platform in which to promote what you do, creating that personal face-to-face connection with potential customers shouldn’t be discounted. What about hosting a golf tournament where current customers can bring potential clients? Or hosting some sort of “edutainment” event where potential customers can attend to get information and have an opportunity to see you positioned as an expert.

Social media does afford you the opportunity to reach a global audience, but people still enjoy the personal, face-to-face interaction. If you’re not reaching out to people/businesses in your local area, you’re probably missing out.

What do you think? Are social media platforms affecting local marketing endeavors?

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