3 Free Utilities that Increase Productivity – LastPass

3 Free Utilities that Increase Productivity – LastPass

LastPass Password Management

LastPass Password Management

This is Part One of a Three Part Series.

Free is one of my favorite four letter F words. Often, when I hear the word free, I would think of something being less than stellar or having fewer features because it is free. You know the adage, “you get what you pay for,” more often than not holds true. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

I have found three awesome utilities that have changed the way I work and have made me more productive. In this three part series, I’m going to discuss LastPass, Evernote, and Workflowy and how they’ve helped me be more productive.

Today, I’m going to start with LastPass.


With so many of using the Internet on a daily basis, we’re bound to have countless logins to a wide variety of sites. The bad thing is a lot of people use the same login for their Amazon account as they do for their bank. They also use the same login for their social networks, Yelp, Gmail, Yahoo, ESPN, and more. They do this because it’s easy to remember one set of login credentials. While convenient, the bad news is that this opens the door to their entire online persona. If a website gets hacked and sensitive information, including personal login information, is stolen cyber criminals can go crazy and ruin a person’s identity. No bueno.

So what’s one to do with all of those accounts and logins? You can’t possibly have a different login for each website, can you? Why yes, you can and you don’t even have to remember all of the login information for each individual site.

Let me tell you about LastPass. LastPass is a service that uses an Internet browser plugin/extension that inputs login credentials into a variety of websites. It will generate a secure password using letters, numbers, and special characters as directed by the user. LastPass encrypts the passwords/logins on the user’s local computer and stores them on their servers in the cloud. The only way for anyone to gain access to a LastPass user’s passwords, or vault, is to know their unique master password that unlocks the vault. By remembering one secure password, I’m not only protected at each site I have an account with, if one site gets compromised, the others won’t be. LastPass touts itself as being “the last password you’ll have to remember,” which is very true. Of course, you do have to select a strong master password.

So what about LastPass as a productivity tool? LastPass increases my productivity as I don’t need to input or remember passwords for all the sites I have accounts with. It automatically inputs my information, saving me valuable keystrokes I could be using elsewhere. I can also use it to store personal details (address, phone, email, etc.) for filling out forms on demand, saving me even more time. You can also store credit card information and more in LastPass and it will insert the details when requested.

LastPass is free, but they also offer a very reasonably priced premium service that allows you to take your passwords with you on a mobile device or three, which is very handy to have when traveling. There are plenty of other password management solutions available, but I like LastPass because it’s portable and isn’t confined to a single computer.

Cyber criminals are finding new ways to take advantage of your lack of security precautions. Using LastPass is a great first step to protecting yourself online while also aiding in your personal productivity.



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