3 Free Utilities that Increase Productivity – Workflowy

3 Free Utilities that Increase Productivity – Workflowy

Workflowy Screen Capture Image

Workflowy Screen Capture

This is Part Three of a Three Part Series.

Free is one of my favorite four letter F words. Often, when I hear the word free, I would think of something being less than stellar or having fewer features because it is free. You know the adage, “you get what you pay for,” more often than not holds true. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

I have found three awesome utilities that have changed the way I work and have made me more productive. In this three part series, I’m going to discuss LastPassEvernote, and Workflowy and how they’ve helped me be more productive.

talked about LastPass in the first post and followed that up by discussing Evernote. In the final installment of the series, I’m going to talk about Workflowy.


Workflowy is one of those rare apps that comes along that has a simple elegance yet contains a powerful set of features – features that will no doubt prove valuable in your daily routine.

As the screen capture shows, Workflowy is basically a note taking / list making utility that is accessible via any web browser. They also recently released an iOS app. I haven’t used the app, but I do keep the website open in Safari on my iOS devices. Creating a list is just as simple as inserting the cursor and start typing. You can tab in to create sub bullets underneath main points. For instance, let’s say you create a new Grocery List. Underneath it, you could add additional sub bullets simply by hitting return and tabbing in.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to expand or collapse child notes (see the “+” sign on the flyout menu). Hitting that “+” sign will expand items that are collapsed. Conversely, when dealing with an expanded list, that same flyout will feature a “-” sign, allowing you to collapse a list. Some of the lists I have created are pretty extensive. Having the ability to collapse certain points is very helpful.

Workflowy can also be used as a task manager. Each item has the ability to be marked as “Complete” on the same flyout menu. Completing an item draws a line through it, and depending on your personal settings, it will appear as completed task in the Workflowy editor or be hidden.

Focus on Chores Screen Grab

Focus on Chores

Similar to Evernote, you can also share notes or components of a note with others regardless of whether they use Workflowy or not.

Workflowy also allows you the option of focusing in on a particular bullet point. In the screen grab, you’ll notice a dot by the fly out. Clicking that dot focuses in on that particular bulleted item. To return to the main view, just click the home link at the top of the screen, and you’ll be whisked back to your master list.

Another great feature is by assigning a context to an item by adding an “@” or a “#” before a word. When you click that word, any other notes marked with the same context will appear in the master list view.

You can also duplicate lists and drag entire lists for reorganizational purposes without issue.

From a productivity standpoint, Workflowy lets me jot down notes and ideas quickly. It also allows me to keep track of projects, and by assigning contexts, I can see due dates or who ordered what design, etc. I don’t have to dig through list after list to find what I’m looking for. A few clicks and I’m able to have the information I need.

Workflowy is free, but they also have a paid option which gives you the ability to select a different design theme, unlimited lists, and some other features. If you signup for Workflowy using any of the links I have provided, you and I will each receive an additional 250 list items for free. Workflowy is a great utility and helps enhance my daily productivity by allowing me to keep tabs on projects I am working on. Much like Evernote, I’m sure you can find a variety of uses for this great app.


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