Evernote Power Tip – Saving Tweets to Evernote

Evernote Power Tip – Saving Tweets to Evernote

MyEN on TwitterWith Twitter becoming the fastest growing social network, lots of people, companies, and other organizations are tweeting. Maybe in your Twitter travels you happen upon a tweet or an assortment of links that you want to save to Evernote via your Twitter account. Doing so is incredibly easy.

Visit http://twitter.com/myEN to see a quick four step process on connecting your Twitter account to Evernote. It’s easy. Go ahead and look. No really, I’ll wait.

Painless, right? Now whenever you happen upon a tweet you want to save, you can simply direct message (DM @myEN) the forwarded tweet. Or if it’s a tweet you really like, and you want retweet (RT) it, simply do a quoted RT and append @myEN to the end. Piece of cake.

Note that anything you send via a mention of @myEN will appear publicly. This also includes retweets. A DM will be for your eyes only.

Here’s an example of composing a DM tweet to Evernote:

An example DM tweet to @myEN







And here’s a look at the resulting note in Evernote:

Evernote Example of a DM Tweet to @myEN

Evernote uses the first few words of the tweet to set the note’s subject and also indicates how the message came, in this case via a DM.

Once it arrives to your Evernote app, you can then assign the note to a particular notebook instead of the default notebook. You can also add tags or make additional edits as you see fit.

There are lots of ways to get information into Evernote, but this is one of the lesser known methods that if you’re an active Twitter user, you may find pretty useful.

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