From Tragedy Comes Triumph

From Tragedy Comes Triumph

American Flag

photo credit: jcolman via photopin cc

The explosions during the Boston Marathon cast a pall over what should’ve been a jubilant day at one of the nation’s most storied sporting events. In light of the tragic circumstances of the day it is important to remember that from any tragedy we’ve experienced individually, or collectively as a nation, we always manage to rise up from the ashes and persevere. We’re Americans. It’s what we do. We look at the greater good and learn lessons from the past, all the while keeping an eye toward the future.

A cowardly attack like this only strengthens our resolve. We may be down, we may be wounded, we may be sad, but we’re not out. The American Spirit is a strong and unifying force. Even when shaken to its core, the nation will rise up and stand tall against those who challenge us.

It’s kind of interesting watching the news coverage and seeing all the people running toward the explosions, anxious to help those in need. Seeing those reactions makes me proud to call myself an American.

Every time a senseless act like this happens, we as a nation grow stronger and more determined. We become united in a common cause.

We won’t be intimidated. We won’t be afraid. But most importantly, we will remember.


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