A “Clever” Way to Work with Evernote

A “Clever” Way to Work with Evernote

Clever App Opening Animation It comes as no surprise that Evernote is one of my favorite productivity tools. While their portable apps are well designed, they unfortunately lack some of the functionality that makes the desktop application so powerful.

Enter Clever, a robust Evernote client with a variety of timesaving features that plays extremely well with the Evernote service. Clever comes in two flavors, Clever, which is just the iPhone version and Clever HD which is built for the iPad. Sorry in advance to my Android-using friends as Clever isn’t available for your device. For the purpose of this review, I’m going to discuss Clever HD with many of the features available on both devices, there are some subtle differences between the two versions.

App Launch

When you first launch Clever, you’ll get an interesting animation of a folding page ala a notebook. Clever indeed. On the first screen, you’ll see a listing of your default notebook, in my case it’s my .Inbox – Power tip, in Evernote I named my default notebook “.Inbox” so that it appears at the top of my notebooks list, making it easy to access.

Options Galore

Clever HD Main Landing PageYou’ll notice that there are a lot of options on the lefthand portion of the screen including “All Notes,” “Notebooks,” “Tags,” “Saved Searches,” “Shared Notebooks,” “Drafts,” “Bookmark,” “Browsing History,” “Tasks,” “App Trunk,” “Messages Log,” and “Preference.” Most of these are pretty self explanatory as they are functions directly related to Evernote.

Productivity Enhancing Features

One of the cool things about the Clever HD app is the ability to add items to the menu bar on the left. You’ll notice that I have my .Inbox notebook at the top for easy access. You can also add Tags and Saved Searches to the menu, providing ready access to items you use frequently. Talk about a productivity enhancer!

Another great feature of Clever HD is the ability for it to save note drafts. While composing a note, you hit the “cancel” button and an options box will appear asking if you want to save it as a draft, discard it, or continue writing. Pretty handy. If you save it as a draft, it will appear in the “Drafts” menu.

I also really like the ability of the app to show my note browsing history. Evernote shows you a limited history (at least in the desktop version) of recently edited notes. The Browsing History function in Clever HD shows you any of the last 15 notes you’ve looked at, which is really helpful.

Clever HD Bookmark PageAnd much like the desktop version of Evernote, you can save bookmarks to favorite notes by opening up a specific note and starring it, making it readily available via the “Bookmark” menu option. You can’t, however, save a notebook to the bookmarks menu.

Another great function of Clever HD is its ability to work offline. You can edit notes offline and the changes will be stored and listed in the “Tasks” menu. Once you connect to Internet via WiFi or your cell provider, the tasks will run – uploading the changes to the Evernote servers.

And last, but not least, the “Messages Log” shows you a list of recently completed tasks allowing you to see what changes you’ve made and whether they’ve been synched with the Evernote servers.


Clever HD has the ability to quickly edit, update, and organize Evernote notes. While I’d like to say that it’s a perfect app, it does have a few flaws that are minor inconveniences:

  • Sometimes in note editing mode, no matter how many times I tap the screen, the keyboard disappears. I have to save the note and return to it to continue editing.
  • Another quibble is that it sometimes crashes without reason, but this happens with virtually all apps.
  • Also, the animations can get annoying and slow down productivity. It has the option to disable the title animation, but you can’t turn off the others.
  • As mentioned above, there’s no support for devices outside of iOS.

With those minor issues aside it’s a great tool for the productivity toolbox to help enhance your Evernote experience. The iPad version will run you $4.99 and the iPhone version will cost $3.99. If you’re an Evernote user and want more functions outside of the native Evernote app while on the go, you won’t be disappointed with Clever HD.

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