Improve Productivity Through Organization – 5 Steps

Improve Productivity Through Organization – 5 Steps

Get Organized, Get Productive

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“A messy desk is the sign of a busy person” or so the saying goes. But does having a messy desk make you more productive or give the appearance of being more productive? Granted everyone works differently, but surrounding yourself with clutter leads to disorganization and decreases productivity even if you know where XYZ report happens to be in the pile. The truth is you will have to look for it in the mess. Here are five ways you can improve your organization and improve your productivity.

  1. Throw away non essential items – Keeping non essential documents, papers, scraps, etc. are counterproductive. They take up space and waste your time.
  2. Digitize where possible  – I have spoken about the benefits of using Evernote before, but this is a great opportunity to scan documents and store them in Evernote to find later. The more you can digitize, the better as it makes things more accessible and easier to find.
  3. Create folders and clearly label them – I like to create a folder for each particular division and/or project I’m working on. Any important documents pertaining to the project get printed out and put in the folder. The folders I kept in a filing cabinet in alphabetical order for later review. If it’s a current project, I keep the folder(s) in an organizer by my desk. Past projects will eventually get digitized and destroyed.
  4. A place for everything and everything in its place – whatever system you decide to use make sure you place items where they belong instead of letting them pile up in areas where they shouldn’t be.
  5. Clean Up Your Computer – How’s your computer desktop looking? Is it a nightmare? I like to create a “Pending Projects” folder and then create individual project folders within it, allowing me to keep everything organized. Any items that aren’t being used are put in a “Clean Up” folder, which allows me to review at a later time.

Everyone has different ways of working, but in my experience working an uncluttered and organized environment leads to increases in productivity. The five tips above should help you with your organization which will help your productivity.

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