50 Things the iPhone Replaces

50 Things the iPhone Replaces

The iPhone Replaces a Lot of Things

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With the next iPhone coming out later this year, I was thinking about all of the things my iPhone has replaced and it’s pretty amazing all of the things that really aren’t necessary as a result of its existence. Of course, depending on your model of smart phone, it probably replaces these things too.

Some of these things went away once cell phones in general were introduced, but I still think the iPhone further disrupted the markets for these items. And some of the items might still be necessary depending upon your needs, but I think the day is coming where we won’t need those things.

  1. TVs
  2. Radios
  3. Photo Albums / Scrapbooks
  4. Notebooks
  5. Tape Recorders
  6. Voice Note Recorders
  7. Newspapers
  8. Magazines
  9. Remote Controls (TV / Stereo / Home / Toys)
  10. Calculators
  11. GPSs
  12. Scanners
  13. The Post Office
  14. Diaries
  15. Books
  16. Score Keeping Books (Baseball)
  17. Digital / Film Cameras
  18. Video Cameras / Camcorders
  19. Landline Telephones
  20. Answering Machines
  21. Flashlights
  22. Compasses
  23. Atlases / Maps
  24. File Cabinets
  25. Recipe Book
  26. Day Planners
  27. Gift Cards
  28. Credit Cards
  29. Boarding Passes
  30. Movie Tickets
  31. iPods
  32. Walkmans
  33. VCRs / DVRs
  34. DVD Players
  35. Post-It Notes
  36. Watches
  37. Address Books
  38. Fancy DJ Equipment
  39. Banks
  40. Rulers
  41. Musical Instruments
  42. Personal Trainers
  43. Wall Calendars
  44. Typewriters
  45. Alarm Clocks
  46. Pagers
  47. Weather Stations
  48. Web Cams
  49. Game Consoles
  50. Printers

Have any to add? If so, hit up the comments below!

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