The ABCs of Content Marketing

The ABCs of Content Marketing

The ABCs of Content Marketing

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Content Marketing isn’t a fad. Many organizations are leveraging the skills of talented writers to get people to visit their websites and buy their goods and services.

Writing copy that is rich with keywords and phrases in a given niche is great for SEO and for attracting new visitors to a website. Valuable content that contains useful, entertaining, or enlightening information for those visitors encourages them to share the content with others on their own social networks which will lead to increased traffic for the website you’re promoting.

So how do you maximize your content marketing efforts? Here are the ABCs of Content Marketing:

A is for Awesome Content

You have to have written something that provides value to the reader. Is it a collection of curated links for a popular software program? Is it a list of useful productivity apps? Strive to write something that provides awesome value for your visitors which will encourage them to share the content and return to your website for more. Be an authority.

B is for Brevity

People don’t have time to read lengthy posts as they are often busy doing many things at once in a given day. They need to be able to quickly and easily scan a post to see the highlights and get to the point of the post. If they’re able to quickly understand the point the author is making, they’re able to decide if it’s worth reading entirely, sharing with their social networks, or disregarding completely. If they can’t quickly get to the point, you may have lost your audience.

Aim for posts that are around 500 words in length. You can write more if warranted, but as a rule shorter posts are better. It’s also a good rule to consider formatting your posts for maximum readability. Using bulleted lists and headings allows readers to quickly scan the content.

C is for Consistency

If you have developed a regular readership, you need to write consistently. You need to set a publishing schedule and do your best to stick to it. Here at, I try to stick to publishing things three times a week. Having a consistent publishing schedule shows that you should be taken seriously. As a result, search engines give you more credibility and you’ll appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Your readers will also know to check your site on given days for new content.

Those are the ABCs of Content Marketing. Learning the basics of the practice can help you be a better promoter of your goods and services. Writing quality content doesn’t have to be difficult and really is a matter of knowing and applying the content marketing ABCs.

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