Save Time and Be More Productive with EverClip for Evernote

Save Time and Be More Productive with EverClip for Evernote

Everclip Captured Items Screen

Everclip’s Captured Items Appear Here

Evernote is my favorite note taking application as I use it on a daily basis. What I really appreciate is how Evernote has made its programming API available to other developers to create their own apps that expand the functionality of Evernote.

I recently discussed one of my favorite helper apps, Clever HD, in a previous post. Today, I’m going to talk about EverClip, the 2012 Evernote DevCup Winner and an app that I recently discovered.

In a nutshell, EverClip allows you to clip items from any app on your iPhone or iPad by merely copying a selection of text or an image. The beauty of the app is that you don’t need to physically paste the copied item(s) into EverClip. It automagically organizes the copied items for edit later as shown in the first image above.

EverClip Edit Screen

EverClip Edit Screen

To use Everclip, you need to launch the app so that it resides in your multitasking bar. Once it’s active, you can open your favorite apps and copy items for inclusion in note(s) for Evernote. You can highlight and copy text and or images. Once you have copied everything you’re going to use, you return to the EverClip app and organize the clippings into notes. You’ll notice that everything you copied will appear on the capture screen as individual clippings.

From the “capture” screen, you tap the pencil icon the upper right corner. You then tap the clipping(s) you want to edit. Note, you only need to do this if you’re going to select multiple clippings. Once you have made your selections, you hit the “play” button looking icon in the upper right (where the pencil icon used to be).

This brings you to the note preview/edit screen. Here you can modify the note’s heading and tags. A nice thing about the tags feature is that EverClip imports your existing Evernote tags into it for selection. Just slide to the left or right and tap the tag(s) you want to use. Or if you prefer, you can manually type in a tag. Once  complete, you tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner, and the app will send the note to Evernote.

The one downside is the app doesn’t allow for robust editing of notes. Any modifications will have to be done in Evernote, which is a minor quibble. The app’s settings are pretty straightforward, allowing you to select a default notebook and default tags.

EverClip for iPhone will set you back $2.99 and EverClip for iPad runs $5.99. Both operate in the same manor and have the same functions.

EverClip isn’t a note editor, but contains a novel utility that allows users to get more out of Evernote. I like being able to copy items and know that they’ll be waiting for me when I return to the app. I can’t tell you how much of a productivity enhancer this is as I like to save a variety of items to Evernote from my iPad.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, I highly recommend picking up EverClip. You won’t be disappointed.


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