Using Evernote and the Reminder Feature to Keep Your Kitchen Pantry in Order

Using Evernote and the Reminder Feature to Keep Your Kitchen Pantry in Order

photo credit: Chiot's Run via photopin cc

photo credit: Chiot’s Run via photopin cc

Evernote recently introduced the ability to add reminders to your notes. Lots of people I know will be using this feature to keep track of their to do lists and other tasks. But there are also other ways you can make use of the new reminders function in Evernote. One new method that I’m going to discuss is by using the reminders feature to create a system that allows you to manage your groceries and know when they’re supposed to expire. Read on for more.

Milk Note ExampleThis system really is pretty easy to create and to follow. It will take some time initially, especially if you have items that haven’t been inventoried before. But taking the time to inventory items will give you a better idea of what you have available, and more importantly, what’s fresh and what isn’t. Once you have the system in place, it should be fairly easy to add items as you buy them.

The Process

  1. Create a Notebook – I called mine the “Kitchen Cabinet”.
  2. Create a Master Index Note within your new notebook – I created a master note called the “Master Kitchen Inventory List”.
    • I also divided mine into three categories: Refrigerator, Freezer, and Pantry indicating where the items are stored.
  3. Create a note for each item you want to monitor – In my example below, I created three separate notes, Milk, Steaks, and All Spice.
    • I added the expiration date to the note title (Not included in my example above) e.g. Milk 6/24/13, etc. This will be handy when adding the notes to your Master Index.
  4. Click the alarm clock icon in the upper right corner of the note. You’ll get a drop down that will allow you to set a reminder time – tomorrow, in a week, or a custom date. Select the date the item expires (or a day or two before to give you time to consume the product).
    • The item will be added to the “Reminders” list at the top of your notebook view.
  5. Right click on your note and select “Copy Note Link”Paste it under the appropriate heading (if applicable) in your “Master Index” note. You’ll notice that the note link is the note title, which also includes the expiration date you added to the title. This gives you yet another view of the items with their respective expiration dates.
    • Clicking the pasted link takes you directly to the selected note.

Evernote Kitchen NotebookThat’s it. Repeat steps three through five for each individual item you’re going to keep track of. With the reminder set, you’ll get an email and/or an in-app reminder for that particular item, gently reminding you to use it before its expiration date.

Lots of perishable items have expiration dates on them (Milk, eggs, meat, etc.). While there are plenty of others like spices that do not and are left to your best judgment. This process will give you a basis for creating a kitchen inventory system, yet another fantastic use for Evernote.

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