35 Ways to Market Your Business

35 Ways to Market Your Business

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If you have a product or service that you’re trying to sell you obviously need to spread the word through a variety of marketing channels. There are lots of ways to market your business and its products and/or services to the masses of eager consumers. While not a complete list, below are 35 marketing methods with their approximate costs.

35 Ways to Market Your Business

  1. Bench Ad – $75+ Per Bench Per Four Week Period
  2. Billboard (Mobile) – $800+ Per 8 Hour Period
  3. Billboard (Stationary) – $300+ Per Month Per Board (Varies by size)
  4. Blog Post – Free+ Per Post.
  5. Bus Exterior Ad – $100+ Per Four Week Period (May require multiple ad purchase).
  6. Bus Interior Ad – $20+ Per Four Week Period (May require multiple ad purchase).
  7. Bus Stop / Shelter Ad – $150+ Per Four Week Period Per Ad.
  8. Cable TV Commercial – $25+ Per Spot. Price is based on a contract and may not include primetime programming.
  9. Church Bulletin – $10+ Per Ad
  10. Craigslist Ad – Free
  11. Email Newsletter – $30+ Per Month (Varies from service to service)
  12. Facebook Ad – $2+ Per Day
  13. Facebook Business Page – Free+
  14. Flyer – $.05 each. Minimum order usually required. Need to pay for distribution as well.
  15. Google Adwords – $.01+ Per Word/Phrase Displayed/Clicked
  16. Magazine Display Ad – $500+ Per Ad / Per Issue
  17. Movie Theatre Ad – $250+ Per Theatre (Screen) / Per Ad
  18. Newspaper Display Ad – $100+ Per Ad / Per Issue
  19. Network TV Ad – $200+ Per Spot.
  20. Online Ads – $2+ CPM. CPM is Cost Per 1,000 Impressions. 1,000,000 impressions would equal $2,000. Some networks will charge by the click and not the impression.
  21. PR Newswire – $195 Per Year for Membership
  22. Press Release – Free+ Per Release. If you work with an agency, there will be an expense involved. But if you have established relationships with the media, you could get a business profile at no charge.
  23. Promotional Products – $.02+ Pens, Notepads, Calendars, etc. can be branded with your logo and information
  24. Radio Ad – $5+ Per Ad. Running a balanced rotator on contract will give you better rates. If you run an “endorsed” ad where a DJ or other personality reads the ad, you’ll have to pay a per spot talent fee in addition to your per spot rate.
  25. Subway Station Diorama Ads – $400+ Per Ad
  26. Subway Station Sheet Ad – $400+ Per Ad
  27. Subway Train Horizontal Interior Ad – $50+ Per Four Week Period, Per Ad (May Require Minimum Ad Purchase)
  28. Subway Train Vertical Interior Ad – $75+ Per Four Week Period, Per Ad (May Require Minimum Ad Purchase)
  29. Taxi Ad (Top) – $200+ Per Ad, Per Four Week Period (May Require Minimum Ad Purchase)
  30. Taxi Ad (Trunk) – $200+ Per Ad, Per Four Week Period (May Require Minimum Ad Purchase)
  31. Taxi Ad (Wrap) – $900+ Per Ad, Per Four Week Period (May Require Minimum Ad Purchase)
  32. Traffic Sponsorship – $10+ Per Read. Done during a TV News or Radio traffic report. Usually a :10 second read.
  33. Tradeshow – $250+ for a Booth. Doesn’t include ads, or swag give aways.
  34. Train / Trolley Wrap – $12,000+ Per Four Week Period, Per Ad.
  35. Twitter Advertising – As low as $.02 per interaction. Variable depending on program.

While not exhaustive, this list gives you an idea of what marketing your business will cost using a variety of mediums.

Prices indicated are based on my personal experiences/research and may vary based on your designated marketing area (DMA). For instance, rates in New York, NY will be higher than those in Boise, ID. The rates should give you a general idea of what things cost, but your results may vary and are net (no agency commission included). Prices may not include any ad production costs. Be aware that you are usually eligible for a discount if you sign a contract for an extended period of time. You can also get better TV / Radio rates if you agree to a rotator versus running during a specific day part.

What did I miss? Do you have any marketing channels that I didn’t include? Hit up the comments and share your knowledge.

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