STOP Marketing – 4 Steps for Better Marketing

STOP Marketing – 4 Steps for Better Marketing

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I’d like to introduce you to a new concept in marketing. I call it STOP Marketing. I know what you’re thinking, “you want me to stop marketing?” No, of course not.

STOP is an acronym for a marketing system you can use to promote your business’ products or services. Read on for details on the system and how to apply it to your business.

STOP Marketing

Marketing is the practice of promoting your products or services in a desirable manner. There are lots of marketing channels at your disposal for getting the word out about your business. But how do you decide how you’re going to market  your goods? A real simple strategy to use is the STOP Marketing method. STOP is composed of four pillars: Strategize, Test, Optimize, and Proceed.

S – Strategize

Strategizing is an easy concept in theory, but there’s often a lot of effort goes into creating a plan and identifying what you want to do. The first pillar of STOP Marketing is to Strategize. You need to decide what your goals are, what results you expect, and how you’re going implement the plan. By developing a strategy, creating an implementation plan, and finding that creative idea, you get a better idea of how to accomplish your goals.

T – Test

The second pillar of STOP Marketing is to test. Once you’ve developed a strategy you and your team are comfortable with implementing, you need to test the strategy. For instance, if you’re going to distribute an email newsletter, you can do an A/B test with different layouts or headlines to see which one pulls better. I remember when I used to do direct mail marketing, I would send out different designs with different phone numbers to see which ones pulled better. Testing can take a matter of days or months. It all depends on what kind of information you need to be successful.

O – Optimize

The third part of STOP Marketing is to Optimize. Once you have the results of your tests, you need to optimize. You need to return to what your initial strategy was and see how your test(s) measured up to what was expected. After you have identified what tests were successful (which ones had the better results), you can optimize your marketing program and prepare it for final implementation.

P – Proceed

The final pillar of STOP Marketing is to proceed. This is the point that you deploy your marketing plan in its optimized state to a larger audience. Once you have implemented the program, feel free to test and evaluate how its working and make adjustments as necessary.

The STOP Marketing methodology isn’t the end all and be all of marketing ideas, but rather a foundational system to help you formulate a strategy, test it, optimize it, and proceed to implement it. Just remember, when you’re ready to market your product or service, STOP.

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