5 Tools for the Independent Contractor

5 Tools for the Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor needs Tools

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If you’re an independent contractor you’re an entrepreneur running your own business. As a result, you have a lot of things that you need to manage, keep track of, maintain, etc.Working as an independent contractor, you’re responsible for paying your own benefits and taxes. With so many things to account for, below are some tools to help you maintain your sanity as an independent contractor.

Evernote – This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but Evernote is a powerful tool for keeping track of receipts, contracts, expenses, tax documents, projects, and more. There are many different uses for Evernote as I have written about previously. Evernote allows me to keep organized by collecting items in folders and being able to quickly search and find items I’m looking for without a lot of effort. It’s awesome and a valuable tool for an independent contractor.

Week Calendar – Week Calendar is my favorite calendar app that’s available for iPhone, iPad, and was recently introduced for Android. With its advanced scheduling capabilities, templates, and robust recurring events options, it helps keep my life organized. Containing a variety of options and the ability to sync with multiple calendars, Week Calendar is great for keeping tabs on my schedule.

Workflowy – You have ideas. You like lists. You need to do a mind dump. Workflowy allows you to do that and then some. If I have something I have to get out of my head and quickly jot down, Workflowy is where I go. I have also used it to create project guidelines that I can share with my team.

iPad – I love the iPad and how it allows me to work remotely. I can check email, keep up with social media, and even create things using the device. If you’re an independent contractor, or even have a full-time “normal” job, you could benefit to having an iPad.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner – If you wanted to go paperless, or need a fast and convenient way to get documents into Evernote, or into another digital filing system, the Fuitsu ScanSnap is the way to go. This scanner has built-in duplex scanning and is incredibly fast at scanning documents. This is great for digitizing manuals, receipts, business cards, or anything else that can be digitized.

Those are five tools that are incredibly valuable for the independent contractor. What about you? What do you use or recommend? Hit up the comments below to share!

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