Moving with Evernote

Moving with Evernote

Moving with Evernote

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My wife and I are moving and as part of the planning, we used Evernote as our repository for all things move related. If you’re planning a local or as we are, an out-of-state move, Evernote makes planning the move relatively painless. Continue reading to learn more about the planning and how to leverage the power of Evernote in your move.

First thing’s first, in Evernote you need to create a notebook and title it something pertaining to the move. Not surprisingly, we titled our notebook MOVE. I also made the notebook a shared notebook so that my wife could see the contents.

In the MOVE notebook, we put all receipts, invoices, contracts, bids, etc. pertaining to the move. For instance, when I was soliciting bids from the moving companies, I put the bids from each one in the notebook. Once we finalized the contract with the moving company, I emailed a copy to Evernote.

When it comes to the various receipts and invoices, it’s important to keep those as you may be able to deduct the expenses from your taxes, especially if you’re moving as a result of your job. Be sure to consult with your tax professional for full guidelines.

Some receipts to keep:

  • Gas Receipts
  • Packing Materials Purchased (Boxes, tape, Sharpies, etc.)
  • Moving Company Invoice(s)
  • Insurance Related Information
  • Any Labor-related Receipts (packing help, moving help, etc.)

You can also use Evernote to document what boxes contain what items. For instance, you can assign a number to a box and then itemize the contents of the box. You can create a separate note for each box and then create a master registry that links to each box and its contents. Or you could just create one long master note. I guess it’s a matter of preference. You also leave yourself a voice memo with the contents or snap a photo of the contents.

When getting ready for the move, you can plan your route and save the information into the notebook. And with Evernote’s offline notebook feature, which is available for premium users, you can keep travel documents, maps, etc. in the notebook and access it without any need for a data connection. Talk about making moving a little easier.

I also created a to do list in Evernote of activities that needed to be completed prior to moving. Some of these activities included:

  • File a Change of Address with the Post Office
  • Complete a Change of Address form with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Change the Addresses on Magazine Subscriptions
  • Change the Addresses on my Credit Cards / Bank Accounts
  • Change Our Insurance Information
  • Canceling Utilities
  • Having Maintenance Done on Wife’s Car
    • Oil Changed
    • Tires Rotated
    • Brakes Done
    • Alignment Done
  • Schedule Condo Cleaning (Carpets and General Cleaning)

Moving, especially out of state, is a laborious process with lots of moving parts. But by using Evernote, I was able to spare us some of the pain of  the move. If you’re going to be moving, I highly recommend using Evernote to plan the move. You’ll find that it’s a great way to keep organized during a chaotic time.

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