California Leavin’

California Leavin’

All the leaves are brown and the skies are gray. No, this isn’t California Dreamin’, it’s California Leavin’.

I have spent my entire life in California and what used to be the “Golden State” has morphed into something less valuable and less shiny. After years of consideration, my wife and I are packing our things and are leaving California for a better quality of life.

With skyrocketing expenses, corrupt governments (local, regional, and at the state level), it seems that the only options the politicians can come up with are to tax. And tax. And tax some more. They also have implemented regulations that stifle business and enterprise, so it’s not surprising that businesses are leaving the state in droves (for the ninth year in a row, California was the nation’s worst state for business according to CEOs).

Streets are falling apart. The education system is in serious peril which is sad since the state has the highest paid teachers in the nation. The freeways get more and more congested and they charge us for the privilege of using certain lanes of the “freeway.”

The voters were snowed by a ballot proposition that painted high-speed rail as being a good thing. The sad thing is, that proposition was passed when the economy was at least doing OK. The proposition clearly outlined and mandated that the high-speed system needed to be completed by a certain time, needed to travel between two points during a very specific time frame, and cost a fixed amount. After  years of political feet dragging and ballooning costs, the project is a shadow of what it was proposed to be. They’re speculating travel may take upwards of 6 hours to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco when the initial proposition was for travel that was less than three hours. And even though the project is nothing like what the proposition stated, and many people have spoken out against what is going to be a boondoggle, the politicians are still pushing forward with the plan to have “high-speed rail.”

My wife and I are going to be moving to Idaho and just to give you an idea of the savings we’re going to enjoy, her car insurance in California cost $496 every six months. In Idaho, for the exact same coverage, the cost is going to be $288. That’s nearly a 42 percent savings. Also, Idaho has a lower tax rate and has some areas that are experiencing explosive growth in business which is good for entrepreneurs or people looking for opportunity. And did I mention how much cheaper their housing market is?

My wife and I aren’t the only ones leaving. People are leaving in droves.

So yes, today is a sad day. We’ve packed up the moving truck with all of our belongings and are leaving the only state we’ve ever called home and leaving behind all of our great friends and family.  But with the change comes the opportunity for a new beginning and a new life of experiences.

To all of our friends, we already miss you, but this isn’t good bye, it’s we’ll see you later.

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