Boom! Amp up your Mac’s Sound

Boom! Amp up your Mac’s Sound

Boom's InterfaceIf you own a MacBook Air or iMac, like I do, you may have noticed that the sound quality either system provides leaves a lot to be desired. There are ways to get better sound be it through external speakers, headphones, or tweaking the sound settings yourself. But an even easier way to get awesome sound is with a great app called Boom.

Boom, by Global Delight, is one of those apps that comes along where you wonder how you ever lived without it. It contains an amazing array of built-in functions that allow you to maximize and improve the sound coming from your machine.

Imagine Boom as your Mac’s volume control system on serious steroids. With a built-in equalizer and a variety of presets from Acoustic to Vocals, to everything in between, there’s a setting that will improve whatever you’re listening to or watching. In addition to the stock presets, you have the ability of creating your own customized equalizer presets. Maybe you’re really into a deep bass?

Another fantastic feature of Boom is that you can also boost the sound quality of individual files including video files for playback on your mobile devices. You can drag and drop files directly into Boom and it will automatically process them to their optimum equalization settings. The file is then saved back to iTunes so when you do a sync with your iPhone, iPad, etc. the file will be available for your listening (or watching) pleasure. You can definitely hear a difference.

Boom works with all media playing apps and web browsers, giving you rich sound for whatever you’re doing. Netflix? YouTube? Facetime? You bet.

Boom is available in the Mac App Store for $6.99. But at the time of this writing, they’re offering the app for the sale price of $3.99. Global Delight also offers a free trial of the software to make sure it’s right for you.

I’m confident that once you Boom, you won’t be going back to your system’s default volume.


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