You Are How You Market

You Are How You Market

photo credit: Orin Zebest via photopin cc

photo credit: Orin Zebest via photopin cc

You are how you market is kind of like the expression “You are, who you are.” How you market represents who you are as a business. Any effort you put forth to promote your business is a reflection on your brand, on your company, and you.

My wife and I recently moved to a new area and we started working out at a local fitness center. The center has a board where members can post flyers, business cards, etc. promoting their businesses or events. One of the flyers posted on the board was for a painting company and it caught my eye not for how well it was designed, but rather, for how poorly it was designed.

Any effort you put forth to promote your business is a reflection on your brand, on your company, and you

The flyer said that they do quality interior and exterior painting, no job too small. It had a phone number and a really bad clipart “logo”. I’m not kidding. The flyer looked like it was thrown together in two minutes using Microsoft Word. The good news is that at least they didn’t use Comic Sans as their font.

There was no thought given to the elements on the page as there was no order to the information and how it was presented. It also looked cheap. Simply put, it was chaos.

So from a branding perspective, if I’m a consumer in need of having my home painted, and I see this flyer, I wouldn’t give the company the time of day. If they’re not willing to put forth the effort to at least spend the money or the time to create something that’s attractive and enticing, it kind of speaks to the quality of their business. Sure, they may do great work, but they’re never going to have the opportunity to show me that they do great work because they missed their opportunity to make a positive first impression.

So the moral of the story is if you’re going to market yourself or your company, you need to invest in a campaign that creates a good first impression. Put forth some effort in the form of time and or money in your marketing and it will pay dividends down the road. Failure to do so may make you look like an amateur, or worse.

So what say you? Have you seen promotional materials that have dissuaded you from patronizing a particular business? Sound off in the comments!

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