Yes, You Do Need A Social Media Manager

Yes, You Do Need A Social Media Manager

CNN recently published an article saying that the Social Media (marketing) Manager is dead. What’s interesting is that the data does tend to indicate that there are fewer Social Media Manager jobs, but many other jobs are requiring social media skills. Whether you’re in customer service, human resources, sales, etc., companies want their people to be social media savvy.

In a down economy businesses are going to look for ways to save money. Unfortunately, any sort of marketing is usually the first budget to be cut and usually the last to return, unless of course the company is forward-thinking and knows how vital marketing is for their business. Since social media is becoming more mainstream with plenty of apps and services available that help make “doing social media” easier, it makes sense for companies to want their current (or future) employees to wear many different hats.

Therein lies the problem. Resources are already stretched thin so having people who work in customer service, or another department, be the face of the company’s social media presence isn’t the best idea. From the article:

Customer service teams at many companies have already embraced social media, often out of necessity.

I’m not saying having customer service being part of the strategy is a bad thing. The problem is that there are usually a lot of departments involved with social media including marketing, sales, HR, customer service, and even some executives, but not as a unified voice. Having a Social Media Manager who manages the social media marketing initiatives as well as the social media team, helps the organization have one unified voice in the social space. Otherwise the sales department may wind up talking about one thing, customer service might be saying something different, and marketing has its own ideas, with the exercise winding up being a failure.

Being active on social media does require a time commitment and companies who think people from various departments are really going to put in a lot of effort when they have their own jobs to do are going to be surprised when it doesn’t work for them. Having someone in place full-time to manage social media campaigns, track their success, and be the voice for the company is paramount for any business trying to get involved with social media. A hodgepodge all-hands approach may work in the short term, but for long term success, there needs to be a dedicated person in place to manage the endeavor and be the voice of the company.

So what say you? Are you a Social Media Manager? Does your company do social media? Do they do it well? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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