LinkedIn By the Numbers – Business Opportunities Abound

LinkedIn By the Numbers – Business Opportunities Abound

If you or your company isn’t on LinkedIn, you’re missing a golden opportunity to reach potential customers. In the past couple of years, the network has seen explosive growth among professionals, especially young professionals. In fact, LinkedIn says that there are over 30 million students and recent college graduates on their network, representing the fastest growing demographic segment on their service.

Another fascinating fact is that 65% of its members are located outside of the U.S. This gives you the opportunity to reach a globally engaged audience who is looking for your product or service. Having a company page on LinkedIn is one thing, but engaging in their various groups helps build your reputation and perceived expertise. You’re networking on a global scale and that can only help you professionally.

The numbers provided by LinkedIn also support the fact that the use of mobile devices is growing. More and more people are visiting the site using their mobile devices and their affiliated mobile applications. Consider that in 2012, only 21% of unique users visited using their mobile devices. This year, 2013, that number has grown to 33%, representing a 57% increase versus the previous year. The numbers are probably similar on other networks too, illustrating the importance of having a responsive website. It might also give you pause to consider implementing some sort of mobile marketing strategy for your business as well.

I put together an infographic that details more stats reported by LinkedIn. It’s pretty basic, but the information is rather telling of the importance of using LinkedIn as part of your organization’s marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn by the Numbers Infographic

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