Social Media Success in One Word: Engagement

Social Media Success in One Word: Engagement

Social Media Success comes from Engagement

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Social media success can be defined in one word: engagement. The term engagement naturally has a lot meanings, especially when we’re discussing it as it pertains to social media.

Literally defined, it means “the action of engaging or being engaged” and no, I’m not talking about that getting down on one knee kind of engagement. I’m talking about interacting with your tribe in thoughtful and meaningful ways.

But Jarrod, how do I engage with my tribe? I’m glad you asked! Below are five ways to engage with your audience using social media.

Visit the websites / blogs of your tribe and comment on their posts

You can build engagement by reading their content and offering commentary on what they post. Like the old adage, “better to be interested versus being interesting.” So true. Showing you’re interested in what they’re posting will have a reciprocal effect.

Listen to what people are saying about you and/or your brand and respond

If you’re going to use social media, you need to be social. You need to “listen” to what people are saying about you online and respond in kind. By creating a conversation, you’re building a rapport and positioning yourself as an authority.

Ask and Answer Questions in your Niche

Pose questions to your audience and engage them in a discussion around the question posed. If they’re asking questions, feel free to answer them. Don’t be condescending or arrogant. Be helpful.

Monitor what your customers are saying about your competitors

If people are speaking negatively about your competition, or are asking questions that may or may not be answered, it provides you with an opportunity to interject your thoughts into a conversation. Of course, I recommend taking the high road and not bash your competition, but offer the potential customer options and reasons why you can do X better. It’s a great way to sell yourself and capture business your competitors are fumbling away.

Create high-quality content to foster audience engagement

If you have a blog, Facebook page, Google+ presence, Twitter, etc. you have an opportunity to create and share content that appeals to your tribe.

By creating quality content that your following finds interesting, educational, useful, or funny, you’re giving them value. You’re also giving them reason to interact with you. You might find them sharing your content or posting comments. If they do this, be sure to continue the conversation and respond! And be sure to thank them for sharing your content. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but by being engaging and talking to your current and potential customers, you’re on your way to having success using social media. So do you have any advice to share? Any other ideas for engaging with your tribe? Hit up the comments below. I’d love to chat with you!

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