Pound the Pavement Marketing

Pound the Pavement Marketing

photo credit: gawul via photopin cc

photo credit: gawul via photopin cc

If you have a business, you don’t need to spend a ton of money marketing your goods and services as there are some relatively inexpensive outside-the-box things you can consider in an effort to drive sales.  Read on to see an example of one such idea.

I was in the break room of a major big box retailer a few days ago, and several of the employees were commenting about some sandwich samples that were dropped off for them to enjoy. Several of the employees had never heard of the sandwich company, Jimmy John’s, but commented at the quality of the sandwiches.

What’s interesting is that the sandwiches were sample sizes, about three inches or so in length and were about the equivalent of six or so of their full-size sandwiches, which combined probably would run the average customer about $45.

It happened to be a very cold day outside, so the restaurant was no doubt slow. But what they did was a fantastic way to promote their excellent gourmet sandwiches. It also promoted their super fast delivery capabilities, which would be welcomed by anyone who didn’t want to venture out for lunch in the bitter cold.

It was pretty amazing how many of the employees didn’t know that there was a new Jimmy John’s in the area, with the new restaurant having only been open a couple of months.

This modest $45 investment (not their actual cost mind you) in the business had three results:

  1. The business was introduced to a market that was unaware of their existence
  2. Showcased their high quality food
  3. Featured their incredibly fast and convenient delivery service

Jimmy John’s didn’t need to buy radio or TV spots. They didn’t need to run ads in the local newspapers. No, by venturing out and introducing themselves to local area businesses by giving away free sandwiches, they were able to show firsthand that they’re a convenient lunchtime choice for hungry employees.

Fast forward a couple of days later and I found myself in the same break room. I couldn’t help but notice that several of the employees had gone to Jimmy John’s to buy lunch, the same employees who didn’t know about Jimmy John’s before.

I’d say this marketing endeavor was a win.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a positive influence on your business. If you’re willing to do a little legwork, and be willing to offer something for free as a trial, you’ll find your business growing.

So what say you? Have any pound the pavement or inexpensive marketing ideas to share? Please discuss in the comments below!

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