Idaho Radio Advertising Works

Idaho Radio Advertising Works

If you’re on this page, there’s probably a good likelihood that you’re a business owner. As a business owner, you no doubt have a litany of things that keep you up at night: Employee relations, payroll, accounting, inventory management, scheduling, marketing, legal issues, etc. If you’re on this page, you’re somewhat interested in Idaho radio advertising. More specifically, advertising in the Treasure Valley or in Boise, Idaho.

A Question:

As a business owner, what’s the most important thing your business needs to survive?

If you answered customers, you win a prize. More on that in a moment. Yes, you need customers! Just like a car needs oil to run, people need air to breathe, your business needs customers in order to survive.

You need customers in order for your business to survive.

So how do you go about getting customers? SEO? Paid keyword advertising? TV? Cable? Newspaper? Magazine? Outdoor? Direct mail? How about Radio? What’s interesting is that when you look at the average price of a radio ad, you’re paying about $4.50 per thousand listeners. TV? About $10 per thousand viewers. How about the good old reliable newspaper? $7 per thousand readers.

Radio is one of the most inexpensive advertising mediums available as it is incredibly efficient at reaching a large audience.

Radio is one of the most inexpensive advertising mediums available.

Think about it, you could run twice the ads on radio for what you’d spend on a TV commercial, and that doesn’t include the commercial production costs. Radio gives you the ability to compete head-to-head against larger companies with deeper pockets. You can produce a compelling ad that moves the listener to action at a fraction of the TV production rate. I hate to say it, but if you have a low budget when creating a TV commercial, it’s going to show.

So how can I help you and your business grow? Well, you have to advertise. There’s no getting around it, you need to spend money to make money. But you have to be smart with how you use your precious marketing dollars. I want you to be successful. Your success is my success. If you work with me, you’re going to tap into a fantastic resource who will be the champion of your business. Your advocate. Your partner. And you’ll have access to a a community of listeners in the Treasure Valley and beyond that totals nearly 169,000 strong.

I generated $1.2 Million in sales as a result of radio. Radio works if used correctly.

“Radio Advertising Doesn’t Work; More People Listen to Pandora; People Don’t Listen to Radio Anymore”

These are common objections I hear day in and day out. The truth is, 93% of Americans 18 years and older listen to the radio at some point during the week, making it America’s #1 mass reach medium. More than TV. More than Pandora.

In fact, Edison Research, an independent research company who also does exit polling for national elections, did a “share of ear” study. They found that 52% of an audio listener’s time is spent with radio. Only 6% of their time is spent listening to SiriusXM and 7% of the time is spent listening to Pandora.

Furthermore, listeners spend more time listening to radio, spending over two hours per day listening to AM/FM Radio. Compare that to only 17 minutes a day with Pandora.

Here’s the Slideshare deck showing the results of the Edison Research Share of Ear Study.

And contrary to belief or perception, radio as a medium is remarkably stable.

More food for thought: the majority of ALL audio consumption takes place in the car.

Radio also has great ROI, helping retailers see great returns on their investment.

If you’re still not convinced, here are seven things brands have wrong about radio.

Finally, radio reaches working Americans. These are the people who drive our economy.

Give Me 15 Minutes of Your Time

I know you’re busy running your business. But in 15 short minutes, I can share with you some amazing things that you can apply to your business right away.

First, I will talk to you about the four keys of branding. Branding isn’t about a fancy logo, a catchy jingle, or a flashy tagline. Those components help, but there’s so much more that goes into building a brand. Running radio ads is a good start to branding, but there’s a formula that needs to be followed in order to have success.

Second, I’ll show you the purchasing power of our audience. There’s a strong possibility that the radio audience in the Boise/Treasure Valley area is going to spend a lot of money on your product or service category this year. Aren’t you a little curious to know how much that is? Could you imagine being able to capture just a small portion of that business?

And finally, I’m going to have ideas. As a former Fortune 500 company marketing manager, I have run ads using virtually every medium you can imagine and have a great understanding of marketing and what moves people to act.

I’m Jarrod Galm

You probably would like to know a little about me. Well, as I mentioned above I’m a former Fortune 500 company marketing manager. I have an MBA in Marketing and I decided to work with Cumulus Radio as they presented an awesome and challenging career opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my clients are having success with my help. As I said earlier, you’re getting more than just an ad sales guy with me. You’re getting an advocate for your business and someone who has been on your side of the table, buying media.

Think of me as being your company salesman. I work for you and you don’t have to pay my salary or benefits.

You can see more about me on LinkedIn.

So, Now What?

Well, as I said earlier, you win a prize for guessing that customers are the most important thing your business needs to survive.

Your prize: I’m going to give you a free consultation.

You and I will meet and we’ll talk about your business. What’s working and what’s not and how I can help you improve your marketing to get more customers. And as an added bonus, I’ll even produce a radio ad for you for free. Yes, FREE. You’ll be able to hear one of the ideas you and I created come to life–All without any obligation. The one small caveat is that your business needs to be in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho and be a legitimate business who could benefit from advertising on the radio.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll get the ball rolling. Or for a faster response, you could call me at my office: 208-429-5616. Whatever you choose, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with you.

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