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Well, if you’re on this page you no doubt clicked over from my profile on Twitter. Welcome!

I am a recovering Fortune 500 company Marketing Manager who currently helps small to mid-sized businesses with their marketing endeavors. If you really want to know more about me, click on over to the About Me section on the website.

As for this site and blog, this is my laboratory where I pontificate about all things marketing and social media. Here are a few posts you may find interesting:

I’m also a technology geek and will occasionally post articles that deal solely about technology or technology as it meshes with marketing. Take a look:

I also from time to time will discuss customer service and business issues because they do play a role in marketing. For your reading enjoyment:

There may be times where I’ll go off topic, but those are rare as I do try to stay on point.

In the words of the late Steve Jobs, And One More Thing:

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