Introducing The First Buffer Community Champion

Jarrod Galm

Hi Carolyn, Joel, Leo, and the other fine folks at Buffer!

I saw that you’re hiring for a new Community Champion and I want to be that champion! My name is Jarrod Galm and I love Buffer.

Jarrod Galm Wants to be the Buffer Community Champion

I am so excited about the opportunity!

I have 10+ Years of Marketing Experience. 10+ Years of Customer Service Experience Across a variety of industries.

I will meet or exceed your expectations!

  • Be a Buffer user –YES!
  • Be a happy, positive-minded and kind person – YES!
  • Keep our own Buffer completely full with amazing content – YES!
  • Grow our followers & fan base on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more – YES!
  • Answer comments on articles about Buffer around the web – YES!
  • Send swag + thank you cards to Buffer fans – YES!
  • Reply to Tweets about Buffer blog posts and articles about Buffer – YES!
  • Give our most loyal users a space to talk – YES!
  • Talk to users and learn their Buffer workflows – YES!
  • Organize events & meetups – YES!
But Wait! There’s More!

I have ideas for growing the Buffer fan base. Some ideas:

  • From talking to users and learning their workflows, developing a monthly / weekly community series about a selected Buffer user. Do a profile which features them, discusses how they use Buffer and any tips they want to share. I’d also include links back to their web sites / social profiles. Who doesn’t love seeing their name in lights?
  • I would create a Buffer Google+ Community. A little different than having a profile, fans can actually interact directly on the page. Very similar to a Facebook Group.
  • Implement the Buffer Business of the Month – Provide recognition of a Buffer for Business User (they can opt-in for publicity) and treat their office to lunch.
  • I would host Hangouts and other “Live” events to answer questions and foster growth for Buffer.
  • Develop video how-to’s, interviews, and more for the Buffer community to consume and share.
  • Create special recognition events for Buffer users and advocates. In addition to them receiving swag, treating them to lunch, dinner, coffee, etc. Could do this with small groups, etc.
  • Have a presence at social media related events. Encourage tech influencers to recommend Buffer and give them additional ideas on how to implement the service.
  • Have a Buffer Rewards program. People who use Buffer can be entered to win fabulous prizes, just for being a user. This could also be tied to a referral / affiliate program.
  • Event Sponsorships – Participating in community events, interacting with charities, and other organizations to help spread the word.
  • Create Buffer related scavenger hunts to encourage engagement. Get people talking and participating and winning prizes!

I am incredibly passionate about Buffer and I talk about it whenever I can:

Jarrod is Waiting for your Call!

Badge Icon - Burst Orange619-203-1493 or email jarrod at

Hire Me Now!

I am willing to go the extra mile. I am dedicated. I would be an awesome addition to your team. Let’s play together!

Still not convinced? Here are what some people have to say about me:

“Jarrod’s “can do” attitude is infectious. Any company would be extremely lucky to have Jarrod as a part of their team.” -Carmel

“He is creative and innovative – always thinking of new ways to drive traffic and boost sales. He is hard-working, dedicated and our team benefitted from his technical knowledge – especially as it pertained to online marketing.” -Dina

“Jarrod is a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to have confidence in a person that gets things done.” -Sal

“Jarrod was a pleasure to work with, his dedication and work ethic is exemplary.” -Georgia