Three Things Marketers Won’t Tell You

Three Things Marketers Won’t Tell You

Businesses need marketing. While it’s the first budget to be slashed during an economic downturn and the last to return when things improve, companies need the expertise of a marketer in an effort to grow their business. They’re tasked with selling products and services while meeting budgets and attaining goals for their employers.

To do this successfully, they have to have an understanding of their customers; knowing their demographics, where they live, how much money they earn, their interests, etc. When it comes to promoting said products or services, marketers walk a very fine line between fact and fiction. They’re storytellers. They’re advocates. They’re human.

They have pride in what they do and their accomplishments.They love what they do. They enjoy the challenges that they’re presented. They live for moving the needle. And they work hard developing tactics and programs that will help the company improve its bottom-line.

All of this isn’t news to you, I’m sure. But did you know that there are things marketers won’t tell you? Here are a few things you’ll never hear from your marketer:

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