Five Surefire Ways to Lose Social Media Followers

Five Surefire Ways to Lose Social Media Followers

Social Media Pet Peeves that will lose you Social Media Followers

photo credit: Stewart Black via photopin cc

Social Media Followers are important for growing a brand. When people follow you, or subscribe to what you’re sharing, they’re putting their trust in you to provide interesting content that satisfies a need for them. Sure, there are people who follow just to follow, but others are more discerning as they value their time.

I have been playing on the various social media networks for many years now and I have developed my own set of pet peeves – these are things that drive me up the wall and will cause me to unlike, unfollow, uncircle you without a second thought. Sure, you might offer some occasionally interesting insights, but my time is valuable and social media is about being social and sharing. I want to be able to have a conversation with you. I want to learn something. I most certainly don’t want to feel like just a number.

With that in mind, here are my five pet peeves that are annoying to me and suggestions on how to fix them (hint: don’t do ’em!). If they bother me, they probably bother others and will most likely cause you to lose social media followers.

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