Using Scanner Pro and Evernote For Digital Organization

Using Scanner Pro and Evernote For Digital Organization

There are lots of scanner applications available for your smart phone or tablet that allow you to import documents into your favorite programs. One of the best that I have found is Scanner Pro by Readdle. Using Scanner Pro and Evernote, you’re able to create an awesome digital organization system for a variety of documents. Evernote on its own is awesome, but when you add Scanner Pro to your Evernote workflow, it gives you another effective way of getting data into Evernote so that you can fully realize the potential of Evernote.

Scanner Pro InboxFirst thing’s first, Scanner Pro is only available for Apple iOS devices. I’m sure the Android readers have their own favorite scanner app that they can substitute in place of Scanner Pro. And Scanner Pro isn’t a cheap app running $6.99 for an iPad/iPhone compatible hybrid app. If you can get around the price, the app is worth every penny.

When you launch Scanner Pro it opens to an inbox where all of your scans will reside. At the bottom of the screen you’ll notice two buttons, a camera looking button and a photograph looking button. Those two activate the scanning functions. The former will create a new scan using your device’s camera, the photo will take an existing image from your camera roll and “scan” it to the device, saving it as a PDF document.

Scanner Pro Scan ScreenWhen you scan, the app will automatically detect the page edges. You’ll also have a variety of options including setting the scan for multiple documents, color options (document, grayscale, or image) and the image size.

Scanner Pro Open In OptionsOne of the great things I like about Scanner Pro is that it gives you a lot of options with what to do with items once you’ve scanned them into the app. You can upload files straight to Dropbox, email them, open them in Evernote, etc.

Scanner Pro EvernoteOnce you have your scanned item, you can open it directly in Evernote (if you have the app installed on your device). From there, you can assign it a title, tags, etc. for your organizational efforts. The image will be uploaded to the Evernote’s servers and any OCR that needs to be done will be accomplished there.

Since my wife and I recently moved, and Evernote played an important part of our move, we needed a convenient way to get the information into the program, especially since our home scanner was already packed. Using Scanner Pro, we were able to scan receipts, moving documents, and other things straight into Evernote while on the go.

Scanner Pro is a fantastic app with lots of options available for its users. It makes scanning on the go a breeze and should be included in your app arsenal.

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